Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trying To Hang Onto Summer

In order to keep the spirit of summer alive, we had a little party. Nothing says summer like tie dye! We gathered with friends and had a great time playing with color and designs.  The sheet I dyed is going to be a blanket for summer.  Can't wait to get that project finished!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Garden Is Giving

   Last night our family went to our community garden.  Much to our surprise and joy, we discovered our little plot was giving up LOTS of goodies.  We took home flowers, tomatoes, and small amount of beans and beets.  I am so excited about the 'matoes.  The big ones are not quite ready yet, but the Roma's and Grape tomatoes are starting to give.  There is nothing like fresh food from the vine.  This year I went with Heirloom plants and already I have started to dry seeds for next year.  I also think the seeds will make excellent gifts for friends. Seriously, how could you not enjoy the colors of red, orange, purple, and yellow?!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Succulent Summer

  I love this simple and summery DIY found over on the blog Oh, hello friend.  Succulent's are so easy to care for and are making a huge comeback in homes everywhere.  This simple project can be made from things found around your home and a quick trip to find some wonderful succulents.   

  Check our the link HERE to get the rest of this DIY project.  Not just fun for adults, but a great project to get the kiddos involved in as well! Seriously, how perfect would this be to give the host/hostess of a summer party?! Hope you are enjoying your summer!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Summer has been flying by around here! Rather then wright it all out, better to show it in pictures. Being back home has given me the crafty bug, and the kids are in need of some fun projects as well. I am at the kitchen table planning out some summer fun at home with kids and get my crafty shopping list in order!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time Out

We are on a little vacation.  The internet is not availale to us where we are staying.   However, I have been able to enjoy the lovely library up here where the internet is indeed alive.  I love a library that has a very LARGE fireplace to enjoy.  So there will be not posting right away.  I know I am due with some new entries.  They are coming.  In the meantime we are fishing, roasting food over an open flame, listening to the sounds of birds, and working on some much needed family time!  Hope you are enjoying your summer as well.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Knit Skirt

  Summer is here!  The kiddos are all finished with school for the season and we had some record heat the last couple of days.  In order to survive in comfort I got to break out a new skirt from the upcycled wardrobe.  Love that.

On a recent trip to my favorite thrift store I purchased an x-large man's shirt.  I cut out the sleeves and neck. I held up the skirt to make sure it was the length I wanted and then cut the top (where neck was) in order to shorten the skirt. With my trusty sewing machine I took in the sides in to what I felt was a comfortable fit and put in an elastic waistband.  Then ta dah! A new skirt for summer.  No hemming needed as the bottom of the shirt is now the bottom of the skirt.

 I have worn the skirt several times already.  The youngest likes how soft it is for getting water out of his eyes (oh the fun of running in the sprinkler.)

 This skirt is perfect for those days you know your hair is a bit frizzy, maybe you are feeling a tad bloated from last nights cosmos, but hey you are comfortable and ready to play!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


  I cannot believe how neglectful I have been of this poor little blog. We have been busy with finishing up the school year, birthdays, and starting our garden plot in the local community garden.  Of course there have been crafting projects going on around here.  For a quick project, the boys and I have been working on our friendship bracelets.  For a fantastic HOW-TO ( in case you need a refresher...) check out the link from Honestly WTF

My most favorite little invention is this floss winder that I found at the local craft store.  Perfect for getting all that floss in order! The kiddos even helped out with all the winding we had.  Love that!

 The end result. A lovely rainbow of color.  Hoping to have a bunch of fun bracelets to share with friends and family!