Monday, November 12, 2007

The Craft Show (that did not go so well)

Well, the show did not not go. It did not go well at all. So it is time to move on and learn from our experience! I say that and yet I feel so rejected! Not ONE item sold this weekend. Man, that is a tough one to take.

I think that we are getting over things and that life goes on. We are already moving forward with new DoodleScarfs and we just finished a very cute new set! In the month of December we are doing a house party with a friend and that should just be a good time. Just hanging out and meeting new people. Things seem more at ease with some food and friends around! It is time to give the shop some love this week and start this ball rolling again! I have family coming in this weekend and Anna is knee deep in crazy! Let the holiday good times roll!

On the knitting front...... I am ALMOST done with my socks! I cannot wait to finish. I have some super yummy alpaca yarn that is going to make feet very happy!!!

I guess now I feel more like..........

Thanks for letting me vent! And now moving onward and upward!!!

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