Friday, December 14, 2007

Let then Tween Age Begin!

A few days ago we celebrated my daughter's tenth birthday! This was the first year we had a friend party. With December being the craziest month I barely have the time and energy to plan a party for her friends.

This year I started early. Back In September I started thinking about it, we had a theme - Webkinz. So the ideas started coming. Calla learned how to finger knit so we taught her friends how to make their Webkinz a scarf. We decoupaged a picture frame with paper and stickers. The girls played Pin the Tail on the Clydesdale. We had a Wheel of Wow to spin and the girls won prizes - Webkinz trading cards, a pencil, a bookmark, etc. This was the highlight of the party.

When dropping off the girls one of the moms said "Are you sure, really, 3 and 1/2 hours? That's a long party." Being a newbie to this party throwing thing I had no idea how long to plan. I was prepared for extra time. I had Twister to play and Apples to Apples Junior, and a movie to watch - all just in case. Time was an issue for us but because we didn't have enough! The girls were great but if two seconds went by they were all over the house and literally climbing walls! Luckily I have been a youth leader at church for years and could conceive of this happening.

I learned that I never want 9 ten year old girls in this little house again (sorry to my youngest daughter - we'll go skating or have pool party). They are great girls and I would love to have them over again in groups of three. :) Much more manageable. But in the end to have a happy daughter who felt so special and honored by her friends it was all worth it!

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