Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy December!

We are in full holiday mode here in our world! Poor Anna is still under the weather, but she is picking up her knitting sticks when she can. We did get a new baby set up, so without further delay......Here is snips and snails! We think it is a super cute snail set =) One down and one more is in the works.
Also the Etsy Bloggers are having a huge sale right now! Click the icon to go shop some wonderful artisans. We are offering 10% off select items in our shop. Please come check the Bloggers out! They are a great group of people!
In life outside Etsy....(is there life outside????) The weather is turning COLD and snowy! The crock-pot is out and I am in the baking/cooking mood! We shall see what tomarrow brings for a day with the family. I may live with all boys, but my men (hubby and J.D. (Rory is too little)) do know their way around the kitchen! It is great that they love to get in there with me! How else do you spend the day with a Winter Weather Warning???!!!

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