Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Bloggin' Time!

We have been a little busy with the holiday season and working on family, etsy, and of course I STILL have to Christmas shop! I am such a slacker this year!! It is time to get with it! I know there are so many people who are done already. It has been so cold that I just don't feel like going in and out of the car.
Last night we went to an open house with our Doodlesprouts stuff and did not go so well. We are 0/2 when it comes to trying to do a local event. We are not giving up and are going to try this spring/summmer to see how things go. It is just a little disheartening when you display your hard work and your heart and then you get nothing. People did have some nice things to say, but just not what they were looking for.

In Etsy world, this is what we have just listed for our shop......

So I really like how this one turned out! The colors are so bright and it is so very soft. J.D. kept on touching the red minky and saying how soft it was. Then he would find the corduroy and say "That is not as soft, THIS is soft!" Now he wants a blanket too. I will have to see what I can find in a cars and trucks print.

Also in the works are the boys p.j. pants for the holidays. Nothing like a new pair of p.j.s to live in when it is the Christmas season! J.D. is getting cars (of course) and Rory is getting aliens! How fun. Okay, off to try and get some shopping done for Christmas......


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