Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Top 5 Finds - I Need Therapy! (Spa Therapy)

After a long and hard week of knitting I am feeling the need for a little spa therapy. Anna and I have been a little frantic and frankly our hands are a little sore. So this Friday we are showing off some items that would make for a great spa day! Relax and enjoy!

1. I think most of us this time of year could give our hands a little extra TLC. This great product by Relaxationworks is just the ticket to fix those winter hands!

Hurry over to her site for the moving sale!!! There are some great deals to be had!

2. PlanetK provides a great way to ease our tired and achy souls. This relaxation gift set seems like a great way to end a very hard day!

This set comes with a rice pack scented with lavender and can be heated in the microwave to soothe tired, achy muscles. The smaller buckwheat pack can be kept in the freezer to relax tired eyes, relieve a headache or fever, or comfort minor bumps and bruises. The smallest of the three pouches contains three individually packaged decaffeinated herbal tea bags and can be refilled for traveling.

3.Of course with warmer weather on the horizon (or so we hope!), you must take care of your feet! This product is just the ticket from Tropicalbomb! A loofah on one side and soap on the other.

How brilliant is this little product. The soap is a creamy goatsmilk fragranced with the fabulous smell of plumeria, yummmmmm. So get those feet in shape and smell great!

4. After a crazy week, this soap sounded like the perfect way to relax! Made by CrowleyManor .This soap is made from Chamomille and Cedarwood. It just sounds so soothing to your skin. Detoxify and cleanse your skin with a relaxing, soothing blend. Helps you to repair skin irritations.

5. What is a spa day without a little mud? Check out the Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask!

Made by Sun Kissed Bud , this mineral-rich Mud Mask is refined directly from The Dead Sea. It soothes and conditions your skin, It will purify and replenish your skin's natural moisture. With so many beneficial elements, how can you not want to give this a try?

We found sooooo many great products out there! I had a really great time checking everything out. I can see another spa feature in the future! Cheers and have a great weekend!!

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