Friday, February 15, 2008

Top 5 Friday - The Purse Edition

Anna and I have been having so much fun making these top 5 lists. In fact, it is a little to much fun!!! We have decided to theme our weekly list to help keep us focused. This week Anna has been doing a little purse shopping and with spring (hopefully) knocking at winters door, we have been thinking about updating those winter accessories. Without further ado we give you our top 5 favorite accessories in which to keep all your necessities in!

1. I know that Anna has been doing lots of purse shopping, but I am in LOVE with this purse by Carissa Black!!

Great colors, fun style for the warm weather, and best of all it looks like it could carry all of my mom items!! I think I really DO covet this bag.....yup, the drool has made it official! Oh boy (sigh).

2. Anna has just spotted this tote bag/diaper bag. She is trying to find color (she is a purple fan!) and function. She also happens to be a HUGE Amy Butler fan. This bag was made by Glaston Totes , found on Etsy (of course)

3. I was looking for a cute leather bag. I know, I know, I prefer not to eat animals, but I do from time to time accessorize with them. I found this from cha cha handbags . The soft leather and great design looks just so delicious! It is truly a beautiful handbag!

4. At this currant stage of my life, a clutch is not so practical. I am in preschool/toddler world for the most part. However, should the day come when more glamorous moments arrive this clutch by
ao3designs is pretty cute.

Do you see the purple sneaking back in? I think this clutch is very fun and is perfect for spring/summer. Now, I just need to come up some excuse to pick this little number up!

5. Here is ANOTHER Amy Butler bag. I know you are in shock. This is from LadybugSF and I love the colors. Green my all time favorite color and this bag has such a cool print!

We have found sooooooo many cute bags and we would urge you to check out these other amazing designs that we have found on our search! appetite, peppermintsky, thefunkybaglady, jillyd bags, RKEMdesigns, theorangebicycle

Thanks so much everyone! Have a great weekend. Cheers!!

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Cathy said...

what gorgeous designs! you have unearthed some real treasures!