Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Way to Play Calla!

We were off for a night to Central Michigan University for soccer tournament. Our family along with my husband's parents to watch Calla our oldest play.
My daughter is a soccer player for West Michigan Fire Juniors, she's the red team #10. She plays competitively on an u10 team. She plays forward and goalie. Having her in the goal can be quite stressful. She is good and is getting better.
They played some great teams. They won their first game! Tied their second, and played a tough team for their last game. Our girls were ahead by two, but the ref made some bad calls (I know, but he really did) and the opposing team was given three penalty shots right in front of our goal. There was nothing Calla could do, she wasn't able to jump high enough for the shots(the goals were regulation size for college players!). Our girls lost momentum and the game. But they played well and had some great passes. Calla scored a goal and assisted some too.

I am ready for the spring season to begin - fresh air, sunny mornings (I hope), warm coffee in hand, and lots of cheering! Go FIRE!

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