Thursday, May 29, 2008

Isn't She Lovely!

I have thinking that it is time to spruce up my currant purse situation. I wanted something large enough to handle a mom's world, but also something cute and fashionable. I decided to give the Amy Butler Frenchy Bag a try. I have only ever made one bag before this. I have to say that the instructions were very easy to read. It is intimidating to cut such beautiful fabric!

I managed to brave the cutting and sewing. As a beginner I did have some issue with the lining. The problems were totally my fault, thank goodness they are inside the bag where no one can see it! I love my new Frenchy Bag. It has turned out to be just what I needed for this time of year! It is light, holds lots of stuff, and I just love the colors. I am such a sucker for green and orange! I think maybe this fall I can try my hand at another bag!

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Carrie said...

of course it's amazing! c u tomorrow!