Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's Blooming Time!

Spring time is such an interesting time of year. It is more about resolutions than New Year's ever could be. It is a time of action that is inspired by the changing of the season. Newness is all around in the flowers blooming, people and animals coming out of their winter hibernation's, and spring cleaning. It is much easier to put these resolutions to practice than in the winter.

So I am wondering in what area's should I be blooming? As a parent I feel like that is always a given! We are working on improving our home. I also feel like exploring in the crafty world as well. The last I need is to take on something totally different, but there is always room to learn more and grow in what I currently enjoy. With knitting I want to learn more about intarsia and finish some long overdue sock projects. With sewing I have some projects to work on, but I have so much to learn!!!! I would like to learn how to sew more structured pieces and to not be a slave to the pattern! Only time will tell, but with spring here and my thoughts being "seize the moment" I think these new adventures can begin!!!


A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Thanks for hosting!

Kristin Saegaert said...

Yes, thanks for hosting! I too am finding Spring making me want to learn new crafty things! I'll be joining you in the sewing dept. soon! Happy Blooming!

storybeader said...

you go girl! thanks for gathering up all the posts and putting them together for us to read. Yeah team!