Monday, June 30, 2008

The Musical Drought Is Over

I love music. I mean I really LOVE music. Not in a music snob kind of way. You know like those who have to know what the next great indie group is and anything else is so yesterday, or to bubblegum pop, to mainstream. There is so much great stuff out there from all kinds of genres of music. Life is to short to live like that! My favorite way to access new music is to talk to people and see who they are listening to. A family member recently sent me a surprise package in mail containing all new music!!! LOVE THAT!!

My new music collection now includes the following.....

Over the Rhine - their latest is called The trumpet child. Great vocals and tunes on this album.

The Avett Brothers - Their latest is the album emotionalism. Again with the great tunes!

Regardless of what you may think of the mess that is Amy Winehouse, the lady has put out a great album. I have only heard a smattering of songs here and there. I have never heard the album in its entirety until recently. I know that I am the last person on the planet to give her a listen,but hey what is a busy mom to do.

Now I finally have some happy ears! If anyone has any new music suggestions, please feel free to pass it along!!!

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