Sunday, June 22, 2008

What I Did On My Summer Vacation......

I love Michigan in the summer. Our favorite way to start summer is to spend a week out a cottage on a lake where we can fish, hike, swim, eat, and just be lazy. Well, as lazy as a mom can be with 2 little ones. We had a great time!

This is what I love! J.D. fishing with grandpa. He was catching little blue gills on a cane pole. He was so excited to bring in his catch of the day.

J.D. and his grandma made fish cookies to go with the fishing experience. Unfortunately I have no pictures of the finished product, but they were cute and very delicious!

Rory practiced his paddle skills. While we only had a canoe, he really seemed to favor the kayak paddle motion.

Rory got to celebrate his 2nd birthday out at the cottage. His favorite is anything made from cake. Dad did a great job making his confetti cake. Did I mention that we love to eat while out at the lake?!!! Must be all that fresh air!

It was a great week! We are now back daily living and ready to enjoy the wonderful days of summer. Can't wait to see what adventures lay around the corner!

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Carrie said...

looks like it was fun and refreshing. I like the new layout too. Good to see you yesterday.