Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Great Soup Adventure!

In the summer the last thing you want to think about is making soup. I tend to miss soup and we had a couple days of some chilly weather. While we were experiencing a little nip in the air I took advantage of the situation. I had a night were my hubby was out playing golf and I wanted to make something fast and fresh. Nothing is better than items from the farmers market and some quick cuts to make a nice summer soup! The recipe is from the blog Give Peas A Chance and it is her simple Cheese tortellini soup that caught my eye. I picked up some wonderful crusty bread from the store and it was the perfect dish for that night.

My soup on the stove. It is almost ready! Filled with fresh carrots,zucchini, tortellini, organic chicken broth, and celery with some fresh herbs. It was light, but the pasta made it filling.

Reaping the rewards. While I could not quite get the kids on board, mom was very happy. My husband even enjoyed it when he got home later in the evening. Yeah for finding a summer soup!

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