Monday, August 11, 2008

Things have been a little busy around here! Family has been in town and as school, soccer, and last minute summer to do things start to gear up, it shows no sign of slowing down. We hit the beach, talked, my hubby was the man of the campfire. It was a good time. As we are moving forward and starting to think about school and schedules, the organizer in me is starting to take hold....... ahhhhh good ole type A personality, sneaking out to try and get me back on track. I found these fun little bits to help me out.

These thumbtacks would be very cute to pin up patterns, notes, school papers, and anything else I might need on my "office" board. Found on Etsy (of course).

I also thought these are cute to keep fabric in. They have a great look and I think it would help keep that every growing fabric stash in order. You can always count on the container store to help a girl out when it comes to organizing!

I love this idea for getting sewing thread under control. I just wish I had all this thread to sew with!
Now it is not to hard to get organized. For me the challenge lies in STAYING that way. We shall see how it all goes.........

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