Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Very Crafty Day

This has been a very interesting week so far. Today I decided it take a break from the everyday and do a little scrap busting. My in-laws will be here next week for a few days of merriment. Since the kitchen is not finished yet, I thought I would try and cozy things up a bit. I went in the scrap stash and just started to cut and sew some squares together.

Sorry for the poor picture quality! All my fabric friends were invited to the party. We have Amy B., Heather B., Alexander H., Joel D., and more. My goal was to add a little something to my favorite piece of furniture.

I am hoping that the pinks will work out next to such a rusty color. With all the mish-mosh of color, I think it will be okay! The squares make a sort of runner for the "hutch". I do have to find the backing yet. Maybe tonight I can get out the fabric store to get enough fabric to finish off this piece. In the meantime I have a knitting project to work on and a couple of small sewing projects to complete as well. Nothing makes you feel like you are getting something done like busting through some scrap fabric!!


Jessica said...

I love all of those squares- you have such lovely fabrics!

heald family said...

So fun! What a beautiful use for all the great scraps!