Tuesday, January 20, 2009

photo Reuters/AFP

What are we doing today?? Celebrating a happy day. I am taking the opportunity to teach my children about our government and what an extra special day this is. Yesterday we watched the I Have A Dream Speech by Martin Luther King Jr. and we talked about loving your friends and neighbors. J.D. thinks it is very cool that there will be kids in the White House. "They get to live in a very big house mom!". We talked about how lucky we are to live in country where if you fight hard enough you may have the power to make BIG changes. Dr. King was a big example of that. He fought so hard for the civil right movement and how happy he would be today. While there is still racism out there, this is big step. It makes me so full of hope for my children's generation! So off we go to watch the inauguration and to talk about our government and how it works. Today we celebrate and take the day off from worrying about our economy, war, and global warming. Today we are thinking positive and are hopeful for better day tomorrow. We feel like working a little bit harder to help move forward in the face of hard times.

I like that feeling :D

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