Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This week I am in a sewing state of mind. Since we have no plans for a spring break, why not sew yourself some lovely pieces in anticipation of springs transformation. Anna bravely joined me for a night out to the fabric store. The plan was to find some fabrics to start a wardrobe for sunny, warm weather. It was fun and it is always wonderful to have someone with you. Anna is good at getting me to try something new or to say "ummmm, no" to a crazy idea I may have at that moment. Here are the results....

A nice linen, Alexander Henry, batik print, and Robert Kaufman. The necklace I found on Etsy from katin kapinka. I thought it would be cute with some of the ideas I have. The photos (wish I had taken a better picture!) don't do the colors justice. These are my two favorite fabric finds. I think there could be some fun had here!! I hope to begin this week sewing a skirt out of the batik print.

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