Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chick, Sticks, and Sips....

Sipping and Knitting

We had a special Easter weekend this year. My sis flew in for the weekend and we had a gals knitting weekend. We hit the local yarn shops and then settled in to knit our day away. Actually we knit well into the night as well. Projects ranged from dishcloths, sweater, socks, and the clapotis. We worked on swifting yarns in the stash while talking and sipping cosmos. Anna and I worked hard on getting our clapotis projects started. I really love how the yarn is knitting up. Can't wait till this is finished!!
Swifting some stash!

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heald family said...

You are so clever with your titles! What a nice weekend. I am so glad I was able to escape and come over!