Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So very frustrated

I have become very frustrated with myself. Running has been such a great thing until last week. My first injury and boy am I mad. It was my knee. I believe it to be runners knee. So I have been off the schedule for 1 week. Went out today with little man and the jogger and wound up walking and hardly running. Ahhh! Then it was home to ice and take a little pain reliever to get the swelling back down. As I was checking out some ways to deal with this new issue (and *cough getting older) I discovered that we have a community aquatics program at the local school. I am sure that most cities have this and I am a dunce for just looking into it. Is this what I need to do in the meantime?? Will lap swimming become a new form of low impact exercise? Will there be cross-training in my future? They charge so little for the open lap time. I may need to give this some serious thought. Discovered that there is a swimming program like the couch to 5k running program. The swimming program can be found here.

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