Friday, October 2, 2009

Soup's On

With the weather turning cold and my love of watching No Reservations (might have small crush on Anthony Bourdain), has caused a food craving for noodle bowls. I want something simple, something warm, something good to eat. I researched what goes in a noodle bowl. What could someone who is NOT a chef or even a good cook make? Here is what I came up with. (Sorry for glare, not very skilled with camera!)

I used chicken stock (any kind, but prefer organic), about 3 cans worth. Some hearty Asian cooking noodles. I found these by the Ramen noodles, I did not use the spice pack. Added salt, pepper, garlic and a VERY SMALL amount of Chinese Five Spice. Then added whatever veggies were on hand. Mushrooms, celery, onion, spinach. Heat it up and eat. It surprisingly good! Who new, and there was plenty left over. I think it would also be good some chicken or shrimp. Might add heartiness to the soup. Overall, I am feeling like the craving is satisfied for now.

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