Monday, December 21, 2009

I Asure You, I Am Here

I realize that things have gotten away from me, between finishing up the school year, Christmas planning and running around, and just life in general. Despite all this busy, I have found some time here and there to work on some sewing. I am working on simplicity pattern 2512 , view B. I don't know what has compelled me to sew this skirt. We usually don't get dressed up around the holiday's here, but I just really wanted something stylish, fun, and girlie. All I have left to do is the invisible zipper. Some procrastination is going on because I find it a bit intimidating. I have done one before, but not on satin backed shantung fabric. Insert big gulp here! Will try and have it done in the next day or two. Along with pictures. I am thinking that since the hubby and I have a date night coming up, this would be the perfect skirt to wear during the holiday period. Hope that everyone is surviving the countdown week to the holidays!! In case I don't get the chance... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

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