Friday, January 8, 2010

Letter To A Vice

Dear Ms. Negativity,

I know that sometimes a need to question things is good, but lately it seems like to you have started to take over. You are questioning everybody and what they are doing. I feel like you are crowding out Ms. Positive. I am to young for frown lines, and would be able to take aging much better with smile lines. So lets work together to find a happy balance. Let Ms. Positive be happy for those around who are succeeding in life, to think positive about life and what is happening around me. Let's support and love one another and be open to the world around us. Who knows what amazing things will happen if we can just be open and positive.

We can still hang out from time to time. When we get that feeling in our stomach that something is not right and questioning is needed. That seems like a healthy thing to do sometimes. After all, we don't want to be doormat.

So what do you say???? Let's rock some happiness and love to all those around us!

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