Monday, April 12, 2010

Making Quick Use Of An Old Sheet

   I am going to confess that I am huge fan of sleeping in long night gowns or skirts.  I LOVE to curl up my feet underneath while relaxing.  It is like a blanket, but not so heavy.  Perfect for reading, watching t.v. or knitting.  This past week I was checking out the local thrift stores and found a sheet that was so soft and inviting. It is the perfect weight for this fantastic spring weather we are having.  While the print was not my favorite, the feel won me over.  I took it home, gave it a wash, and sat down at the serger. 

While making a sleep skirt, it must be long enough for curl up in and allow for lots of movement. I like mine at the tops of my feet.
The skirt consisted of two side seams, the waistband (which was just a simple elastic one) and finishing off the hem.  I just surged the hem to keep it simple.  In fact I just surged the entire skirt.  Of course that is not necessary. 
Then voila, the skirt is done and ready to relax in.  I was able to finish reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in total comfort!  This particular sheet had a bit of flannel feel to it. I might be on the lookout for something more crisp and with a high thread count for the hot summer days.
You just never know what a trip to the thrift store will bring.  Of course other treasures were found, but that is for another post!

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