Monday, May 17, 2010

To Journal

 Found on Summersville

I am not sure what has sparked the need to journal. Maybe it is being surrounded by such creative moms, both in life and in cyber world.  Maybe it is watching the boys grow so fast, I want to capture every moment. Maybe I wish I could remember all those "ideas" I had about crafts to do with the kids.  Something to put paper scraps, material scraps in and remember those projects. I am wondering if I want a small one to carry with me for "on the go" moments and then something larger for at home.  While I ponder this idea, I am enjoying a little time on Etsy looking at the wonderful journals out there!! So many beautiful ones to choose from!

Found on  Paper & Twine

I think this one is cute for obvious reasons!
 Found on Vintage Scraps

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