Friday, June 4, 2010

Is There Anything Better??

 How about a blanket for summer picnics, playing, beaches, camping?? Right now, I am thinking there is nothing better. This blanket comes right from the book Handmade Home By Amanda Soule (of SouleMama).  Used bits of old pillowcases and sheets, along with new material that I had in the stash.  I then found an old chenille bedspread to use for the back.  My favorite part of the blanket is that I was able to incorporate pillowcases from my childhood. I love that!  I can totally see making a couple more of these.   
   The family already has plans to use this blanket.  I honestly can't wait.  Finally feeling like summer is here!

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stephanie.baker said...

Speaking of pillowcases, I use my Raggedy Ann apron that you made me from my childhood pillowcase constantly. It's the cutest, gets tons of compliments, and reminds me of you! :-)