Friday, June 11, 2010

Trying New Things

  Once again I owe this adventure to the SouleMama (a.k.a. Amanda).  Her post on The Laundry Line was very inspiring.  I have taken her recipe on how to make your own laundry soap and tried it out.   It was very easy to find everything and my favorite part was picking out what Dr. Bronner's soap to use. 

All kinds of questions ran through my head.  Will it really work?  Will it leave a residue behind? Will it smell?  My concerns were all put to rest right after the first load.  The smell was very subtle ( I think due to an error on my part, need more castile soap next time!)  Everything is coming out clean.  It is fantastic.  For really tough stains, I am trying vinegar.  I am keeping a spray bottle in the laundry room to have on hand.

 My next project is to get a clothes line for the backyard.  I just need to get out and get it.  Oh, and I also need to finish a little landscaping project that we have going on. That would give me some space for the line. Hoping very very soon to have that under control!! In the meantime, I am enjoying this new adventure in to a chemical free, cheaper, and fun way to do laundry.

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