Wednesday, September 8, 2010

School Days!

  School has started!   The oldest is in 1st grade.  One may think that things may seem more relaxed around here, but that has not been the case.  Actually I feel more busy and pressed for time.  Why is that??  He seems to be liking school, but going all day long is a big adjustment.  Next week the youngster' will start preschool.  Wow! Wow! Wow! 

In the meantime we were able to enjoy our final weekend before the school bell rang.  Nothing like being with friends, enjoying good food, and laughing until it hurts.

Labor Day 2010
 I am hoping to return to a regular crafting program once things settle in.  The weather has turned a little cooler and thoughts start to wander to yarn and knitting. Projects are starting to form in my head. Stay tuned!

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brooke said...

I love your pie pops was looking for more creative marvels.