Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can Finally Show Off!

The Bakers

This project was sent to my sister (who lives in beautiful New Hampshire) as a Christmas gift.  Now, that she and hubby have their gift and the holidays are over, I think it is safe to post now.  They take these wonderful retreat vacations in Maine and I wanted to make something they could take along and enjoy.  How about a nice fluffy picnic blanket?!!  I used a mix of vintage sheets and pillowcases, along with some fabrics in the stash.  The boys helped to put it all together.  Then I picked the one simple square to embroider a little B and a saying that my sister LOVES.

B for Baker

The back of the blanket was thirfted.  I think it was an old tablecloth.  I just loved the cute print and I am such a sucker for green. It was very nature like.  And that is what we are going for here, nature!  When you are in Maine on vacation, you are star gazing, fishing, eating and cooking outside, and relaxing in your hammock.

The back

  I am just so happy they enjoyed it!  I really had fun putting it together and thinking of them while the fabrics were being chosen.  Isn't that why we love to make things?  It is so fun creating and thinking of those we are creating for.  

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