Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Kirk Brothers Halloween

Hope that everyone had a fantastic halloween! We had a great time this year. The boys and I headed out to Holland to trick or treat in Grandma's neighborhood. We did have to start out in the rain, but it cleared up. The rain was NOT going to stop these guys. So this year J.D. repeated his Thomas The Tank Engine costume. It was so cute. He ran into a boy about his age in a James costume and it was funny! Rory was the star of the neighborhood as Yoda.

J.D. ran from house to house and it sure did not take Rory long to catch on as to how to get candy. J.D. was a great teacher and made sure that Rory always got a piece of candy at every house. At one point he was passing out candy to all the other kids standing at the door waiting. What a helper! I have to say the kids made a out like bandits with the candy.

I can't believe it is over. Now it is just making sure that all that candy does not get eaten in one sitting! That means keeping dad at bay as well. Thanks for checking out our Halloween!

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