Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treat!

We had a great evening of trick or treating - lots of candy, fresh air, fun costumes, friendly neighbors, and a few sprinkles!

Our day wasn't quite liked we had hoped. Calla was home sick from school because the day before she had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic - yuck. But thankfully she was up for some trick or treating fun!

Carter was Ash from Pokemon. It was so much fun having him be so excited about his costume. He wants to keep the vest as it is. I am sure he will wear his hat over and over again too. The black hair helped transform him into Ash. He said it felt funny. It was messy because of the rain and today I have to scrub the tub. It was worth it.

Calla was a soccer player. She had a hard time deciding between a vet and a soccer player. A few friends from school, also on her team were in uniform so she wanted to join the fun. Calla loves trick or treating. She would go out for hours if she could. Just like in soccer, the rain doesn't slow her down. She never complained. After and hour out with me, she was back out with dad!

Joely was a sweet little pink octopus. She did well in her costume and stayed in it for awhile. She went trick or treating to a few of the neighbors houses and then passed out candy. Joely had a yummy sucker before the night was done - what a mess!

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