Monday, October 29, 2007

Back Home Again!

(outside Six Loose Ladies yarn shop)

We are baaaack from our trip to the beautiful state of New Hampshire! What a wonderful weekend that was filled with fiber and friends and family. It was super great to see my sister! She looks beautiful and is doing great. We got to visit Dartmouth college where she works. What a pretty campus. I had the best turkey burger of my life at a great restaurant in Hanover! I think it was the maple syrup that did it.

Then it was on to the knit shops. Our first shop was in a town called Norwich in Vermont. It was very pretty and filled with very lovely yarn. According to the knitty ladies at Dartmouth, the shop is run by "The Yarn Nazi" and she only lets certain people touch the yarn. You have to know what you want. My mother is so great with people that she was touching the alpaca and cashmere in no time! I did find some wonderful alpaca sock yarn that I am very excited about.

Our next and most favorite shop was call Six Loose Ladies! These ladies were so fun and helpful! We had a great time in the shop and stocking up on yarn and stories. A super fantastic group of women! I took home some local yarn, yarn to make a market tote, scarf, and some gifty yarn for my knitty sister Anna who could not be there to enjoy the yarn goodness.

They have a super variety of yarns and lots of projects to look at and get ideas. The shop will be expanding in the future and things could get very exciting around there.

I started to work on my market bag that night. I got a little hung up on the instructions, so we went back to see the ladies and they fixed my head. I completed the bag and cannot wait to take it to the store, the library, and other places. I have plans to make another on soon! (Pics to come later) Next to the yarn shop is a wonderful bakery. They had excellent coffee cake. A great place to sit and have a cuppa joe and enjoy your purchases!

After a day of yarn hunting, it was time to get back home. We had a nice drive home so we could enjoy the fall colors and the clear skies!

Once we got home it was time to put on the comfy clothes and get settled in to get some projects going. Stephanie has 3 new scarf projects now on the sticks. As I said before I did get my new market tote finished and and I tried too work on some older works before starting new. Mom got a couple of scarfs worked on and her library Shaw.

My sister and her new project! What a great job she is doing. That yarn was such a soft wool. The colors were great too!
Now that I am home again, it is time to get back into the swing of things. Halloween is just around the corner! The kids are ready to go and so am I!!

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