Friday, October 26, 2007

One Down, One More to Go!

Okay, so Katie is away and it's my turn to be productive! I had a goal this week of two baby hats for our mini sets for Etsy. I am proud to say one down, and one more to go! Yippee! And the second has been started. It has been a good week of knitting. I am loving quick projects like baby hats. Busy moms don't always have huge chunks of time to sit and knit. I like understanding a basic pattern and then changing it to make it my own. This yarn (the brown) is great to work with just a touch of cashmere, so yummy soft.
- Anna

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Doodlesprouts said...

HI Anna ! Love the hats! I am so happy and proud of you. I am here in Vermont and New hampshire and visiting Knit shops. Oh my goodness what a place to shop for yarn and meet wondeful people like you who like to knit. Say hello to the kids, Glad to here Calla is feeling better. Love to all
Aunt Karen I am lovin the doodlesprouts !!