Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hats For Sale!

I just finished reading the book Hats For Sale to my son. Who doesn't love a story involving a few monkeys!!?? We also finally got our hats into our little etsy shop. So here are the finished products.......

Our little bamboo hat turned out great! We kept it simple due to the variegated yarn. It is so soft and sweet. We had lots of fun playing with the photography on this one!

Our superwash wool hat is complete! How fun are these colors!! It was so fun seeing how this hat knit up. I cannot wait to make up a new one!

This past weekend Anna made a quick trip to our LYS and picked up some new yarns for us. It was like Christmas all over again. It was so fun to going through the bag to see what she picked up! There is an organic cotton that I cannot wait to get on the sticks. She also found a linen yarn that might be very fun for Easter. I guess it is time to get knitting!!!

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