Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yarn and Noses

This is the time of year when one really is sick and tired of being sick and tired. My little family is passing colds left and right. Our noses are so raw and red from blowing, it is now just becoming painful. A friend of mine told me about Neti Pots to help with my sinus problems and to offer up some relief. At this point I would do anything. I will try alternative options before pumping up the body with drugs. However, if things get bad, I am perfectly willing to take something!

The Neti Pot suggestion sounded a little gross and intimidating, but it is amazing what one will do to get any kind of relief. So this morning I bucked up and did it. It went MUCH better than I thought and to my surprise and relief it DID work. I feel "clean" and I can smell again. Now maybe my nose can begin to heal again!!

On the yarn front I just finished a cute little striped number for the store. I was so anxious to work with the organic cotton, that I started a toddler sized hat last night. I love the soft yellow tones in the yarn. It has been naturally dyed. It has been pretty easy to work with and it will make a great spring or early summer hat. Hope to get this one finished either tonight or tomorrow!!

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