Thursday, January 24, 2008

Turning winter to spring (by sewing!)

I am getting that ol' familiar feeling that I get this time of year. A yearning to do a little sewing on the machine! I love to sew for the spring and summer.Easy designs with fun and flowing fabrics. Bright colors and textures! I just love it! Sooooo what is a girl to sew??? Last year I was so busy trying to get a wardrobe ready for Las Vegas! This year, no trip is in the works. So maybe it is about hangin' at the beach with my boys, and comfort?? I am thinking about taking an old fav. pattern for a draw string skirt. It was from New Look (not sure if it is even in print??) and update with some new fabrics for spring. How can a mom go wrong with a draw waist skirt?

I also have some p.j.s to sew....I bought the pattern last year for something quick and easy for a trip. But now I am just thinking that some cute jammies for summer that are not an over sized old tee shirt would be great! A plus is the hubby could always use some summer p.j. pants!

I also had bought this last year along. Might make a cute top.....

We are going up north to stay at a cottage again this summer and this might just fit the bill up there. I am always in need of some shirts that are comfy on a sunburn!! In a nice light fabric, a top in this style might be good??? Throw your jeans on at night by the fire and you are good to go!

I have been exploring what else is out there......The Amy Butler Cabo Halter is super cute!

So much to decide on and of course there is alwasys finding the time to do this sewing! A girl can dream.... In the meantime I continue to look for ideas and patterns. Hoping to someday make some dreams come true!

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