Friday, February 8, 2008

Top 5 Fridays!!

Here are this weeks top 5 finds! Enjoy

1. These mugs are awesome for V-Day! Made by hand from Into The Fire on Etsy!

Need a unique gift? Want to let someone know how you are feeling that morning? This set of mugs is toooo fun!

2. I am soooo jealous of quilters. This gorgous quilt is amazing in color and design! Made by Paco and Lupe on Etsy.

My husband and I were married on Maui, and the colors and feel remind of paradise!! How could you not be happy with this on your bed?

3. Feeling the need to wake up the senses?? Check this out from Dreamseeds. Chai and Cream Soap sounds oh sooooo yummy to me!

This soap is just a taste of the wonderful products I found on her Hyena Cart site. Right now I am really on a Chai kick, so this hits the spot! Can you smell the goodness???

4. This next fav. is from Simply Wired. I love her creations!! I am really loving the color combo on these earrings!

There is so much that she does that I just love, but for some reason (besides the fact they are sooo pretty) I am just attracted to these earrings! They remind me of walking in New Mexico. (sigh*) Now I really want to take a trip! I might just have to settle for the earrings!

5. Here is something for the whole family! A local family started hand crafting games that they were learning about during home school. From there ancientgamecupboard was born!!

Their games are fun and beautiful! I just love their creativity and that they offer something truly unique and fun for families!! The games they offer are from around the world. We are showing the game Senet , An Ancient Egyptian Board Game. How do you play? The dice sticks are thrown to get each piece onto and moving along the board in an 'S' pattern. The painted squares indicate either a safe place in which you cannot get captured, or one in which something bad happens to your piece. The first player to get all of their pieces on the board and back off again wins.

I am trying to patiently wait for the hubbies B-Day!!!

That wraps up our top 5 for this Friday!!! Have a great weekend everyone!


Mikiye Creations said...

You picked some GOOD ONES!
I am not a quilt person BUT this one is BEAUTIFUL!
...and I love the mugs!
...Oh, and who doesn't like yummy soap?!

nahiacreations said...

That quilt is gorgeous!!