Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pandora and I Are Friends!

I am having soooo much fun with a new discovery in my world. There is this fun website called Pandora. Pandora is a music site that will recommend music to you based on an artist or song that you type in. From there you can create your own listening playlist or station. So I started off by typing in Matin Sexton, from there I got Jack Johnson, Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Coldplay, Ray LaMontagne and more. You then can say Yes or No to what they pick for you. If you are in the mood to listen to something different you can start a new station.

I understand why the name Pandora. You can get lost in this treasure chest of music goodness. My kiddos even have fun trying to figure out what is going to come next. So the next time you are jonesing for some new tunes give this site a try. Let them do the work for you. Sit back and let the good tunes roll!!!!