Thursday, March 20, 2008

Top 5 Friday - Outdoor Fun!

This week marks the beginning of spring and we have the fever!!! We are going to take a look at some products that will inspire you to go and enjoy the outdoors. While creating the list my thoughts turned to spring flowers, fresh food on the grill, the kiddos playing outdoor all day, and an afternoon hike without having to bundle up! What are you thinking for spring????
1. How amazing is this!! The Waves O Fire Recycled Steel Fire pit made by John T Unger.

This beautiful handmade fire pit truly inspires outdoor living. It is made of 100% recycled materials. To see all the specs please visit John's Etsy site. When not in use, it makes a beautiful piece of art in your own backyard. Perfect for hanging with friends, family, good food, good drink, and great stories!!

2.From the large to the small. Take a look at these coasters from Isadorra.

When sitting and enjoying the outdoors, one needs a place to set their tasty beverage of choice. These coasters have a wonderful Terra Cotta look, simple and yet sophisticated!

3. I love candles. This cute and functional patio candle from WittsWicksAndKnits is perfect to keep the pesky pests away!

The soy wax candle has a eucalyptus lemon scent that has been approved by the FDA as a natural insect repellent. Not only will it keep the bugs away and look pretty on your patio, but it okay for the kids/pets to smell! I love a product that this FUNtional!

4. There is nothing like flowers in the spring, but alas I lack a green thumb. I am a low maintenance kind of girl when it comes to gardening. These flowers are as low maintenance as it gets!! Perfect for a little display on the pack patio or front porch!! Made by the talent folks at Bacon Square Farm.

These beautiful hand cut metal flower pokes are a perfect art piece to spruce up for spring! I love that you can pick your colors (choose 3) from red, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, and orange. The center is made from iridescent opaque glass.

5. Sometimes the spring rains come and you need a little something to catch the suns rays when the sun finally come out. This sun catcher is so fun. The Bike Cog Sun Catcher by CyclonaDesigns is perfect for the bike lover in your life (or you!)

I have some cycle buddy's who I think would love this! A swiveling metallic red bead centers this well worn bike cog rescued from a worn out drive chain. I love how unique it is and of course I love an upcycled project!!!

That is it for this week. I hope that this post gets you ready for the warm weather and outdoor living! Have a great week!!


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pp said...

Those products are amazing! They are so unique and fantastic!