Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Life Outside

When you have been so busy working on your crafty for business life, you forget to craft for yourself. This next I am going to take the time to do just that!. I am been sewing like a crazy woman these past few weeks. Anna and I have been making head scarfs for a woman who has just finished up her last round of Chemotherapy.

This is a picture of what our scarfs are looking like. Hers are a bit longer in the back so that she has better protection. The fabrics have been fabulous and it has been a very rewarding project. But after trying to sew my way through roughly 24 scarfs, it might be time for a break.

This next week I am heading off to our summer kick off at the cottage. Every year my parents rent a cottage on a lake and we spend the week playing in the water, fishing, cooking, and just having fun. This year I plan to take my yarn stash up with me to do a little knitting.
There is always sock yarn involved in the summer months. I also have some bamboo and the wonderfully light O-Wool. This yarn is organic wool and cotton. Can't wait to try it out! I know that I might not make it through all this, but the idea is to pick and choose and be as spontaneous as possible. After all, I am on vacation!! Also in preparation for this event my 4yr. old has requested some new p.j. shorts. I let him pick out his own material and I just surged them up.
He is very excited about them and they will be nice and cool. While it is not mom's favorite fabric print, I am learning to step back and let him make his own choices. I have to admit they are cute on him. And finally an amazing stash of fabric came in the mail!!!! I am so very very excited about this. They are to be more head scarfs, but I think I see a piece of fabric in there that may have to be for me.
I think a quick head scarf may do the trick as I sit on the deck looking at the water with needles in hand and yarn running through my fingers! Ahhhhhh, let the vacation begin.


FaerieRebecca said...

I totally admire you--I'm having a hard time looking at wool, and I can't even imagine knitting right now. too hot LOL Good for you for finding some down time!

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

Enjoy your well deserved vacation!

storybeader said...

have fun by the lake. the head scarfs are a great idea.

The Wildfire: Gifts and Decor said...

I have soooo many head scarfs.... of course I need more, right? I'm gonna have to bookmark you because you just found my weakness. Shame on you :)
Enjoy your vacation!!