Monday, August 18, 2008

My blank blue canvas!!

I was inspired to paint the living room while my husband was out of town. It desperately need new paint, and I was ready for a change. We had a nice warm beige on the walls and now we have a cool blue. It took me three evenings 8-12pm and two naptimes (I can only paint when the little one is sleeping) to paint because I added the kitchen/eating area to my list too! The kitchen was green a very medium tone green - now it is a slightly darker version of the living room, so I put two coats of primer on to guarantee it would cover up. My husband picked the color a few weeks back, not knowing that I would tackle this project. I planned to surprise him, but when I put the first coat of paint up I freaked out- it was a big change and I ruined the surprise and told him on the phone.

So now I need to pick out fabric for window treatments. I would like some new photographs of my children on the walls too. I am hoping to paint the frames I have to silver (will that work?)I have some ideas for other pictures/art too.

The room isn't done yet. I need to paint the trim - it looks awful with the new blue and we would like a dark brown wall too (we haven't agreed on which wall yet). So here we again!

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Joel said...

Joel says: I almost died laughing until I read that Cory helped picked the color. For some reason I thought you had done this entirely on a whim, and Cory was going to be REALLY surprised. It looks great - better paint job than I do. =)

Nina says: I love the color! Is it robin's egg? Those are Ikea shelves - we know it! (And own the same style, only bigger)