Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Froggin' Stew

This week my father in law stayed with us for a couple of days. He was on his way home to upper Michigan after a few long days in North Carolina helping his son and very significant other move and settle into their new digs. I thought I would make a homemade and hearty meal that would be easy, yummy, and keep with the southern roots we all seem to have. Here comes the Frogmore Stew. I found the recipe on AllRecipes.com and it was a great choice. It was easy and everyone really enjoyed it. There were plenty of leftovers to go around as well.

FYI there is NO FROG involved! We had fresh corn, potatoes from the farmer's market, fresh shrimp, onion, turkey sausage, amazing seasoning, and a little beer. Boil it up and you are ready to rock. I made some french fries for the kiddos to enjoy as well. The best part is that if you really want, you can throw it onto newspaper when you are done making stew and let everyone have some fun with finger good. Great for kids and adults.

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