Thursday, August 28, 2008

Staying Entertained

The hardest job of a mother with 2 young kiddos, is trying to keep them entertained while trying to get everything else done in the house. We don't want to have them plugged in all the time to the t.v., computer, and video games. So I have been trying to do a little idea searching to see what things would be fun for all of us this year.

I love these I Spy Bags for home and the car!! How great is this idea! There is a list of little items on the back of the bag and the kids have to squeeze and play with the bag to try and find the item! LOVE IT!! Great for those days when you have to run around in the car or a rainy day when you are stuck inside!!

I really love the site stubby pencil studio. They have fun products for kiddos that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Cute art supplies and some fun toys! I think these pencils would hold the boys attention with the cute animals and great colors. They have a triangle shape which is great for the little one to try and hold.

I was also thinking of the days where my preschooler was home from school, these little Earth School learning activities might be fun for when the weather keeps us indoors. I love that you can pick and choose what lesson and how many you would like! There are some really fun ideas and categories to pick from. I just figure why not start with fall and take advantage of a fall hike! This fun little idea was put together by a former kindergarten teacher. Everything comes packaged together for you. What a great idea and it saves time so that you are not hunting for the ideas, props, directions and so on! There are other great sections such as animals,seasons,and early childhood series,books and all kinds. There is plenty to pick and choose from to keep you busy all year long!!

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