Monday, September 1, 2008

Ch Ch Changes

Among changes going on this week, there was a fun little change that was just for me (and my hubby). We got a new bed! It is actually an older bed frame that has been reworked and re-painted by my wonderful parents. Now it is ours and it sits up high off the ground. I feel like the princess and the pea, only without the pea. Now I am thinking of a new bedspread. So I am looking at fabrics and wondering which way to go...... Here are some of my options...........

From Amy Butler's August Fields collection, this is sunrise in grey. Simple and nice.

I love the color of Joel Dewberry's Ginsing fabrics! I am drawn to this great yellow.

I also am diggin' this wildflower print in stone by Joel Dewberry. It is such a pretty print. Maybe I can do a pillow with the yellow? Oh there is so much fabric to look through and so very little time!!

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