Sunday, October 5, 2008

They Keep Growing And Growing........

It seems like something incredible has happened all of the sudden. My children have decided to grow up a little more, and they forgot to inform their mother. I have been looking and listening to them this week and wondering what happened! These boys are speaking and moving and learning faster. They have a quick wit, and now I have to catch up to all of this. I need to talk to them a little different, I need to change up the discipline, they want to have more say in how they dress. Life is all about Star Wars, trains, and cars. NO MORE BABY TOYS! There are no more babies in this house! The high chair is outta here!!

While a part of me will miss the idea of a baby in the house, I think that I finally am ready to move on too. I am ready to enjoy a stage of great movement and exploration. While things can be a challenge in a whole new way, I am hoping that with some helpful reading material and experienced parents help, we are ready to jump into this next great stage with both feet. I am hoping to teach them new things and be apart of a new world opening up, I also hope that they can teach me just as much!

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