Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Living The Bucket

I was getting lost in blog land and I came across lots of "Bucket Lists". I thought maybe it would be fun to come up with 10 items of my own. Nothing to intense, but things that would be very attainable if I put my mind (and some money) to it. : ) So here are 10 things I would love to do before I kick the bucket. The super obvious stuff is not allowed, like watching my boys grow into wonderful, independent, successful young men. I mean, that is just a given!

1. Visit My College Roommate Who Lives In Washington

2. Renew our wedding Vows back on Maui.

3. Really, Really Learn Spanish

4. Take the family on an amazing road trip to the Tetons and Yosemite.

5. Spend time in another country giving back to those in need.

6. Visit Alaska

7. Grow a garden that we can really use!

8. Learn to intarsia knit

9. Have A Rock Star Moment

10. Try 1 extreme sport

11. Write a screenplay

So I threw in an extra one, but one must reach for the stars.

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