Thursday, January 29, 2009

How I Deal

It is the end of January and the snow continues to swirl all around me. I realize that hard part of the cold months are ahead of me. February and March can be tough. In order to keep on the sunny side of life I start to sew for spring and summer. I went to my local fabric store and they ordered me the Amy Butler Barcelona skirt pattern. I am so excited to start sewing. I feel the need to play with some light and bright fabric. I have been drooling at some beautiful fabrics out there.

While I was pattern searching I also began to feel drawn to the Anna Tunic. I love that you can belt the top to give you some shape. I am gal who appreciates not looking like a flour sack.
I think just looking at these light and warm weather patterns helps to feel like the warmth is coming. Now it is time to sew the rewards!

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