Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recycle For Roth

Recycle For Roth
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I really REALLY wanted a cargo skirt for our upcoming 4th of July vacation. The hubby and I are spending 4 days the Rothbury music festival here in Michigan. When you are living like a vagabond for 4 days, you want to carry lots of things like sunblock, food, water, id, all that little stuff. So I turned a pair of my hubby's old cargo shorts into a very cute skirt for summer. I LOVE it (and him for surrendering the shorts!!) They are already nice and worn in. The sewing was easy. A little big in the waist, but I consider it comfy big. This is one of my favorite upcycle projects by far.

In fact I have been to the Goodwill store and found a cute pair of men's khaki pants to turn into another skirt. Don't think I will have it done in time. My other Roth project is a knit skirt that can also double as a cover-up. Stay tuned!!

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