Monday, June 29, 2009

The Seasoned Summer

There is a wonderful shop in the town where I work called The Seasoned Home. On one side of the store is the most wonderful spice area. You can find anything you may need to zest up foods of all kinds. My favorite indulgence are their spice packs. They take out all the guess work and hunting for all the spices needed for a great rub. This summer we are grilling like crazy. Since I do the semi-vegetarian thing (only chicken, turkey, and fish) these are a great way to keep things interesting. One of my favorites is the Key-Lime pack. It is amazing, melt in your mouth good when grilled up on white fish.

I am hoping to try out the Bloody Mary mix while on the road this 4th. (not literally on the road, but while at the music festival). Me thinks it would be a nice way to enjoy a good camping brunch.

Meanwhile we have been running around trying to pack for this 4th of July. The kids have been so patient and good with all the crazy. I also think they enjoy all the camping gear that has been pulled out of storage and new stuff coming in. My favorite new purchase has to be the camping shower. I have a feeling by day 3 it is going to be heaven!

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