Monday, October 12, 2009

The Great Popcicle Experiment

After reading a super fantastic idea over at the ever lovely Urban Orangica blog, I knew I must try this for fall. The idea?? Echinacea Popsicles! (she is such a genius) With the wet and damp weather upon us compiled with all the flu talk, these are a great way to keep the kids (along with their parents) healthy.

The Ingredients

The honey is for some added sweetness. A good thing for the kids. I let the 5yr. old be my taste tester. (if you can get some local honey, might also be helpful with allergies!) We just brewed the tea, and let is steep for an hour or so (to taste). The kids picked out Spongebob Dixie cups to pour the tea into.

We let them freeze and then eat. The result? Happy boys who love their new treat!! YEAH!! They ask for one everyday. Even J. thinks it is great. It is the simple and easy ideas that can be the most pleasing!

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