Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday I'm In Love

It may have been a rough start to the week, but Friday the 13th has proven to be anything but a bad day. I have been trying to find a decent replacement to an old pair of Birkenstock clogs. A few days back I put my trust in cute pair of shoes I found at Sierra Trading Post . The granola girl in me can not resist a pair of comfy, supportive, and a somewhat chunky shoe.

The shoes arrived today and have already been put to the test. Sanita is the company who has changed my feet. Ah, the Danish and their wonderful footwear. No pain, no sliding around, and I could easily keep up with the 3yr. old. Easy on and off for when you go flying out the door. You also have to love the fact they were on clearance. To quote The Cure......It's Friday, I'm in love.

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